Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance advisory services mainly comprise the following services:
  • IPO sponsorship services: We act as sponsors to companies pursuing listing on the Main Board and GEM of the Stock Exchange.
  • Financial and independent financial advisory services: (i)financial advisers to clients to advise them on the terms and structures of the proposed transactions,   and the relevant implications and compliance matters under the Hong Kong regulatory framework.(ii)independent financial advisers giving opinions or recommendations to the independent board committee and independent shareholders of listed companies.
  • Compliance advisory services: We act as compliance advisers to listed companies on the Main Board or GEM of the Stock Exchange and advise them on post-listing compliance matters.
Our competitive advantage:
  • Professional Team:
Our corporate finance team comprises of more than 20 professional executives with extensive industry experience and outstanding execution skills.
  • Diverse Clientele:
Our clients come from different industries or sectors and geographical locations, from large conglomerates and SOEs to SMEs and from listed to private enterprises.
  • Prominent Track Record:

We have completed  37 IPO sponsorship projects and numerous M&As, financial advisory, independent financial advisory and compliance

  • Extensive Investor base:
We and our team have accumulated extensive investor client base through the past experience and successful track record so that we can introduce high quality investors for our equity capital markets projects.