• High quality trading experience:
We provide our clients with a reliable trading platform and latest market data through well-known trading systems provider. We also provide flexible cross-platform brokerage solutions to our clients for their online trading.
  • Customised and diversified solutions:
We strive to fulfill the needs of our individual, corporate and institutional investor clients. We target to assist our clients to achieve their goals and make investment decisions in different market environments. We provide our services with the highest level of integrity, professionalism

Securities Trading

Licensed with SFC to carry out Type 1 (dealing in securities) and Type 4 (advising on securities) regulated activities and being the Stock Exchange Participant and a direct clearing participant of HKSCC, we provide securities dealing and brokerage services to our clients for trading in securities. With our professional customer services and sales team, we offer integrated, friendly and satisfactory services to our clients.

Treasuring our clients and aiming to creating value to their wealth, our sales team, in conjunction with our professional research team, provide professional investment and trading advice to our clients to capture market opportunities. Such advice is also covered by our [daily market update reports], [securities performance analysis reports] and [monthly and yearly market outlook reports [ read more ]

Having opened securities account with us, our clients can place their trading orders with us through our sales hotline: 2311 6388 or our online trading

IPO Subscription

We have been actively participating in the IPO market of Hong Kong.  Our clients can subscribe shares under IPO offerings through us. In order to facilitate our clients to subscribe for IPO, we offer them up to 95% financing for IPO subscription.  Our clients can contact us through our [Customer service] for details.

Margin Financing

Our clients can use their stocks in their margin accounts as collateral to borrow funds to invest according to a certain proportion of the total value of the assets in the accounts, and improve their profitability in the form of leverage. Through this service, we can increase the purchasing power of our clients, and facilitate them to make proper investment decision in a timely manner in the rapidly changing stock market and grasp the market opportunity to obtain a higher return on investment. Our clients can contact us through our[Customer service] for details.

Futures trading

Licensed with SFC to carry out Type 2 (dealing in futures contracts) regulated activity, we provide futures dealing and brokerage services to our clients for trading in futures contracts.

For opening futures trading account and trading futures contracts through us. Our clients can contact us through our[Customer service] for details.